More Than An Athlete

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LeBron Jame is no doubt an amazing basketball player and has a great influence. An influence that stretches much further than just the National Basketball Association. With having millions of fans and people watching him on and off the court everything he does impacts someone. So when a news anchor told LeBron James to just “shut up and dribble” because of his political remarks, many people were waiting to see how he would respone. LeBron responed with a instagram post and wore shoes that stated this slogan, “More Than An Athlete”. Will being an athlete is his profession he has every right to have a politcal opinion. His abilities and success has allowed him to have a large platform so when his political statements are made many people will knw where he stands. Even if someone is to disagree with his stance, telling him to shut up and dribble is not the right response. Everyone can have an opinion, and social media has allowed for a platform to share personal opinions. If someone is not a fan do not follow or tune in, but it is wrong to discredit an idea or opinon because of their profession.

Anxious States

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As everyday passes the United States of America drift a little further apart from each other. Once a nation that was the land of the free and home of the brave, turned into the land of the fearful and home of the hopeless. The differences between political parties and created a divide and an anxious society. People are now openly opposing one another, not just in debate or arguement but persecution. It once was okay to have different opinions from someone else, but that is no longer the case. If a person learns too far left they are a socialist that wants to ruin everything that has been built. If you lean to far to the right you are a racist pig who opposes the acceptance of mankind. There is no longer debates of conversations about politics. It has become a war, a state of fear. One side of the spectrum opposing the other and there is no middle ground.

Rising Tides

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The work above is a peice from Issac Cordal titled, “Follow The Leader”. This is a work from his series, Waiting on Climate Change. The work above depicts a few different things. First it is a group of white men dressed in suits having a meeting of some sorts. All of the men are turned as if they are listening to the person in the middle of the group. The fact that it is a group of white males is no coincidence. There is a nothion that old white men are in charge of politics and control things so of course that would be the case when it comes to a large scale issue like climate change. As the men talk the water is rising around them. Some of the men seem to have even drown as only the tops of their head is out of the water. This might illustrate that these men obviously see what is occuring around them but have more devotion to their own power and success to save their own collages from dying. It is a powerful work that really makes one question those in power. What will we do as a people as the tides begin to rise? Is there still a chance to change our ways? Or will we willing drowned is a sea of our own mistakes and wrong doing? As the work shows the people making the decisions have no problem killing each other, but are we going to let their lack of action take us as well.

Good Ol’ Uncle Sam

James Montgomery Flagg is the man behind the famous “I want you” campaign. This work was done during WWII in hopes to rasie reenforcements and inspire people to contriube and give to the cause. The work shows Uncle Sam, known as the greater good of American and the symbol of patriotism calling on every individual specifically.  While this is the original work there have been many remakes of the sign.


This is a work done by the street artist Mogul. The common saying say something enough and it will be come true is well known, and it often happens. But as a society we have gotten used to hearing lies from politians. The lies come from both sides of the political spectrum. The lying and lack of transparancy has become so obvious that even a child can see it.

Extended Arms

As the number of mass shootings continues to raise the number of anti-gun or gun control movements has risen as well. The work above is a piece don by Andrea Brower, and it depicts a rifle is a case. The message on the rifle is a powerful one, arms are for hugging. This is a message that speaks on two levels. One that we should be loving and more compassionate with one another. That we are meant for love and not for hate. The second is that after those mass shooting all that is left to do is hug and love on the survivors and the families impacted. Nothing can be done to regain a life, all we are left to do is hug and support. So what kind of arms are we going to be using more in the future?


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The work above shows a society where people have televisions as heads. On those televisions are the things that those people find interest in. Whether it be fashion, news, politics, sports, or finances. Well, they are watching this channel they are all connected by a string a tide to a guiding hand. This art questions our current society. What are we being subjected to? We are willingly tuning into pointless fashion shows and allowing that information to guide us through life. How can one be true to themselves if they are just being what someone else tells them to be? What are you allowing to control your headspace?