Rising Tides

Image result for Isaac Cordal waiting for climate change
The work above is a peice from Issac Cordal titled, “Follow The Leader”. This is a work from his series, Waiting on Climate Change. The work above depicts a few different things. First it is a group of white men dressed in suits having a meeting of some sorts. All of the men are turned as if they are listening to the person in the middle of the group. The fact that it is a group of white males is no coincidence. There is a nothion that old white men are in charge of politics and control things so of course that would be the case when it comes to a large scale issue like climate change. As the men talk the water is rising around them. Some of the men seem to have even drown as only the tops of their head is out of the water. This might illustrate that these men obviously see what is occuring around them but have more devotion to their own power and success to save their own collages from dying. It is a powerful work that really makes one question those in power. What will we do as a people as the tides begin to rise? Is there still a chance to change our ways? Or will we willing drowned is a sea of our own mistakes and wrong doing? As the work shows the people making the decisions have no problem killing each other, but are we going to let their lack of action take us as well.

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